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Here, at Connexus Academic Advisors, we are convinced that your children's future is the most important investment you can make, and we are here to ensure it goes to plan.

We will accompany your family during the whole admission process – from the selection of an educational institution that will suit your child best to the development of a specific exam preparation programme and finding the right specialists.  Our clients and the members of their family will always enjoy a considerate and personalised approach. It is simply up to you to decide what level of service you and your child require. 


Our academic services include:

  • Consultations on acceptance into educational institutions in the USA, Great Britain and other West European countries
  • Selection of educational institutions for children of pre-school age as well as for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and other learning disabilities
  • Support with kindergarten, school, college and university admission
  • Development of personal preparation programmes for acceptance into selected educational institutions and appointment of meetings with admissions team representatives
  • Testing and academic performance level assessment in London, Moscow and Kyiv in accordance with British/American education standards
  • Selection of tutors for individual classes as a part of exam preparation, during holidays and for interview preparation
  • Selection of equestrian schools, sport and acting academes and schools of etiquette 

Below is an example of our co-operation with one family:

Let’s imagine that a family has started thinking about educating their children in England or the USA – 7-year-old Seryozha and 9-year-old Katya. Having researched various options on the internet, they found a huge number of schools and courses and soon realised the choice was great; yet it was not easy to decide. They consulted several agencies and found that many children were being settled in international schools, but considering that Katya had been studying English for a considerable time and spoke fluently with her peers, and Seryozha was fond of sports, but spoke little English, they needed to understand which school actually suited their children’s knowledge levels best. An academic assessment is difficult in this case because as a rule, agencies wish to sign a contract on your children's school placement as soon as possible, regardless of whether this choice is the best for your child.

We will help you to determine your child’s educational level, compare it with children from British/American schools and to give you preliminary advice, explaining how we are going to help plan their preparation, acceptance and progress into the British or American education systems. Ultimately, you will be the one to make the final decision on what level of service with our company will be suitable for you and what package is the right one for your child.

We always recommend an academic assessment of your child’s knowledge by an accredited teacher – and that you obtain professional advice before making a decision on the further education of your child abroad.