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Tell us a little about yourself and we will find a programme that is most suitable for you. The questionnaire includes four questions, each of which take no more than a minute to answer.
Seasonal programmes
Year-round programmes for school breaks, summer courses.
Main programmes
Kindergarten, school, college, university admission.
Adult programmes
Language courses, professional courses, MBA.
We assist our clients with all aspects of studying abroad as well as finding a suitable school, tutor, summer school or language course.
CONNEXUS ACADEMIC ADVISORS team is convinced that your child's education is the most important investment you make. We are here to help you make the right choice.
CONNEXUS ACADEMIC ADVISORS team is convinced that your child's education is the most important investment you make. We are here to help you make the right choice.

It is easy to start working with us

Initial consultation
with a specialist
Academic or career
guidance test
Individual study
plan development
Assistance from admissions
to graduation
*please note, not all stages are compulsory.
Receive more information about every aspect of studying abroad

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To know more about academic guardianship


Receive a checklist that will help you choose a summer camp


Receive a checklist on how to choose a school abroad
Initial consultation on the prospects of studying abroad, establishment of educational institution search criteria.
Testing the level of a student's ability in accordance with the standards of the country selected.
This test is carried out in English. A test without professional consultation can be provided upon request, but we strongly recommend our two-stage
service: testing and 30—60 minutes Skype consultation with a professional career guide (in Russian or English).
We compile a list of suitable schools specifically for your child. Visit scheduling and accompaniment during school visits.
All our tutors are prestigious university graduates or current teachers. We develop a lesson schedule for your child according to their needs and current level.
Selection of private tutors for English fluency improvement, preparation for entrance examinations and interview.
Higher Education institutions selection depending on your criteria.
Academic guardian provides a link between the school, child and parents, support during the study process and assistance at each stage of the studying process.
Accompaniment during the first day of school, meeting the head of the boarding house and academic curator.
Help with relocation, visa support and assistance with property purchase.
Arrangement of transfers, medical appointments, help with purchasing school uniform etc.
Long and short-term language courses for improving your language skills, enhancing your professional skills. Compiling a list of courses according to your interest (etiquette, art, public speaking, etc.).
In cooperation with our partners we assist you in choosing a company for internship in your area of professional interest (for adult students).

We are proud of our reputation

Many years of building partnerships have provided CONNEXUS ACADEMIC ADVISORS
with solid relationships with numerous well-known international associations and partner
organisations. This helps us to work in line with the highest international standards.
BBSC British Boarding Schools Connected – association of British boarding schools that organizes annual conferences aimed at meeting and interacting with representatives of the
best British schools. Participation in such events provides us with access to the most up-to-date information in the education industry.
ICEF – annual education and mobility conference aiming to create contacts between international schools and service providers.
ST Alphe – annual conference on the challenges facing educational technologies, teaching, education, leadership development, safety, financial services and educational research.
English UK – national association of accredited English centers in the UK that represents British English taught at both national and international levels, promoting the highest standards of teaching.
British Council – a British organization specializing in international cultural and educational opportunities. Promotes a deeper knowledge of Great Britain and its language,
encourages cultural, scientific, technological and educational collaboration with the United Kingdom.
Education in Ireland - a national brand belonging to the Department of Education and Skills of Ireland. Participation in the Education Ireland programme confirms the high
professional level CONNEXUS team members are working at and their contribution to promoting Irish education all over the world.


Our principles and beliefs
We know that every student is unique and deserves the best education and the best care he or
she can get. We always aim to offer a programme best suited to a particular student; that
matches their needs, criteria and interests. Such a programme should help them develop their
innate talents, fulfil their potential, widen their academic knowledge, achieve a higher level
of self-confidence, develop social skills, take every opportunity for personal growth and
adapt to a new environment.
Our strengths
Our agency's well-earned reputation allows us to build close long-term relationships with
both clients and respected schools. All members of our team are professionals who have been
working for many years in the education industry, whose experience includes working with
schools and universities from all over the world; they have obtained a wide knowledge base
that is used for our client's good.
How do we work?
We will accompany your family through the admissions process, starting from the selection
of schools most suitable for your child to the development of a special programme for
entrance exam preparation, with the help of our specialists. We provide a personal approach
to all of our clients and their family members and promise to resolve any educational queries.
We are certified specialists in the following areas: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
We are certified specialists in the following areas: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
Our addresses
Connexus Academic Advisors
Office 526, Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1B 5TE
+44 020 3865 1980
+44 7832 481851

Working hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00

1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1W7 Canada

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